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Complete PROFESSIONELE Pearl Drumline!!
Complete PROFESSIONELE  Pearl Drumline Waanzinnige MAPLE drumline, complete set. Alles uit ..
Excl. BTW: 8.999,00€
Pearl 14x6.5 Limited Edition Chad Smith Free Floater Tricolon Snare Drum
Unique Free-Floating Pearl Chad Smith Signature snare. 14x6.5"    MINT CONDITION!! ..
Excl. BTW: 890,00€
Pearl BC-830 Cymbal Boom Stand
The BC-930 is a member of the MIPA award-winning 900 Series Hardware family, and features a Uni-Lock..
Excl. BTW: 57,03€
Pearl C-830 Cymbal Stand
The C-830 is a lightweight cymbal stand, yet features a Uni-Lock tilter & double braced legs for..
Excl. BTW: 53,72€
PEARL CS1450 14" Chad Smith Signature
PEARL CS1450 14" Chad Smith Signature 14x5'' ..
Excl. BTW: 299,00€
Pearl DECADE Maple in 'Satin Brown Burst'
Een 100% Maple set inclusief hardware voor maar  € 899,- ?! Pearl heeft het voor elkaar gekr..
1.119,00€ 949,00€
Excl. BTW: 784,30€
Pearl Export incl. hardware en cymbals 'Jet Black'
Mooie Pearl Export inclusief hardware en Sabian SBR cymbals. Maten: 22/10/12/16 en 14'' snaredru..
Excl. BTW: 660,33€
Pearl FireCracker 10"x5" snare
Pearl FireCracker Poplar, in de kleur Black Gold Sparkle. ( FCP1050 ) Te gekke side snaredru..
189,00€ 149,00€
Excl. BTW: 123,14€
Pearl H-830 Hi-Hat Stand
When it comes to entry-level hardware Pearl's H-830 Hi-Hat Stand leads the pack in quality and value..
Excl. BTW: 70,25€
PEARL High Tension Snare 14x12" incl. carrier !
Waanzinnige MAPLE High Tension Snare, compleet met Carrier. Uit de Championship-serie van Pearl. (..
Excl. BTW: 625,00€
Pearl Thunder-King (VINTAGE) shell set 60’s
Pearl Thunder-King shell set in ‘Black Pearl’ met Gold Script Badge ( VINTAGE, 60’s ) 22”x14”..
Excl. BTW: 499,00€
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